Modern or Steampunk Exterior Home Lighting?

You have choices in exterior home lighting. Some people prefer quaint-looking lantern-style lights or eclectic retro designs, while others revel in the new technology available for outfitting the outside of your home.

Let's talk a little bit about that and compare some of the features of different types of lighting, for instance, small modern LED lights as opposed to large antique-looking glass bulbs that appeal to the steampunk aesthetic. Sure, those big monster bulbs look cool, although there may be issues associated with maintenance. But the modern lighting has come a long way in just a few years!

Inconspicuous Lighting

One of the benefits of the modern LED lights are that they blend into the roof line and can be designed to be entirely inconspicuous by day. Hidden wiring and other engineering allows you to have the lighting that you need, without muddying up your architectural aesthetic in the light hours.

You can't really say that about the bigger vintage lighting, and although users may be able to string them and style them in a way that complements a property, you don't get the same blending-in. Given how popular the cable-free, tidy look is for the inside of the home, you can bet that many property owners will be wanting this for their exteriors, as well.

Weatherproof Lighting

New lighting systems can block UV rays, secure lighting against wind, and provide waterproof systems to help lighting stand up to the elements.

The old-style lights usually don't have any of this, and so they have to be placed in ways that will protect them, such as being hung under eaves and awnings. Even with the best placement, breakage can occur. That’s one more thing to think about when outfitting your property, especially in places where big storms are a common happening.

Energy Efficiency

Of course the modern LED lights are more energy efficient. You can get some amount of energy savings with newer incandescent bulbs, but that's nothing compared to the power of small programmable LED lights that can be strung all over the building with a very minimal carbon footprint.

Programmable Lighting

Another feature that people love about the new LED lighting installations is their versatility. You can program in any number of vibrant colors for different holidays and days of the year. There's just a lot of potential here!

Trimlight systems offer the power of modern lighting for your home or property. Take a look and ask us about what these excellent cutting-edge installs can do for your home.

How Many Colors?

If you've been on our website looking at the types of useful cutting-edge modern lighting for properties that we install, you may have seen the staggering number of colors that you can control in one of these exterior lighting systems.

Is 16 million colors some kind of gimmick?

Not really. It's a way to describewhat's at your fingertips when you install our recessed lighting systems. We’ll explain.

Colors and Color Gradations

One of the easiest ways to explain your choice in colors with Trimlight Select is to make the analogy to a modern computer monitor display.

If you remember the old days of the 1980s with monochrome monitors, you had green or white text against the black background, and that was pretty much it. Your computer could draw pictures, but they would be single-color.

Then we got into the days of VGA, with 12 and 24 and 64-color palettes, and that was pretty awesome at the time. But then those colors continued to evolve, and engineers came up with the modern RGB system that combined over 300 shades of each of these three colors in amazing permutations that could help digital photos imitate real life. That’s really a game-changer!

State-of-the-art Outdoor Lighting

So to cut to the chase, Trimlight Select uses the same type of color palette that your modern digital cameras and devices do. When you see your smart phone's newest camera applauded in online tech media, you can know that your color schemes with Trimlight Select are in some ways the same. You can even control these color shades with a mobile device if it’s set up that way. The key is that each incrementally shaded hue counts as a color in and of itself and that’s where you get these astronomical numbers! The bottom line is that this kind of color is a must for modern light applications – it’s a best practice, something that systems should have – instead, it’s like you’re still using one of those primitive monitors or screens with its limited colors!

Take a look at what we offer in terms of professional installation, customer service, warranty and much more. This LED recessed lighting is a breeze to take care of, and has lots of versatility that you never got with older legacy systems. See what these types of exterior add-ons can do for your property, not just visually, but in terms of adding resale value, and making the holidays a lot more stress-free.

Innovative Home Improvement Tips That Save You Time And Money

Home ownership is a dream for many people who value the security that such an investment provides. Our homes are most always our largest investment, which requires regular upkeep and maintenance in order to remain valuable. While large scale renovations of your home may never be needed, there are some home improvement projects that can save you money while increasing your homes value and your enjoyment of your space at the same time.

When energy is wasted, our utility bills skyrocket. Making minor adjustments to our daily habits and incorporating innovative technology into our homes can decrease our energy use and enhance our lifestyle.

It’s Smart To Have A Smart Home

Home automation has become a standard in the new homes of today. It is difficult to find a newly built home that does not have some form of smart home capabilities from fully automated systems to smart appliances. Smart home technology can be added to your home allowing you to tap into the benefits that home automation provides. This technology offers time saving and cost cutting amenities that also increase your ability to have greater control over the systems in your home such as heating and cooling, security, sprinkler systems and more, even when you are away.

Add Some Shade

While most people enjoy using their decks, patios, and other outdoor spaces, the heat of the sun can drastically limit the times that we are able to do so. It is no wonder that many homeowners enjoy early morning cups of coffee on their patios or evening bar-b-ques by the pool, the sun’s rays through the middle of the day can be unpleasant to say the least. Consider all of the time you could enjoy your meals alfresco if you had proper shade. Retractable awnings can be added to your home, allowing you the ability to enjoy your outdoor areas any time of the day all year long. These systems give you the ability to have shade at the touch of a button, and increase your home’s curb appeal at the same time.

Save Time & Money On Holiday Lighting

Many homeowners enjoy having holiday decorations and lighting, but dislike the hassle of installation and break down every year. Trimlight permanent Christmas lighting can be the permanently attached to your home, giving you the ability to enjoy various lighting options throughout the year as well as the holiday season. This system is controlled by use of a smart phone or other device, and provides beautiful ambiance for any occasion.

Enjoying Your Home

Adding a few upgrades to your home and property can not only increase your home’s value, but also provide you with greater enjoyment of your time spent at home. Having more control over your home’s systems, increasing your ability to use outdoor spaces, and adding permanent ambience to your home can be easy ways of updating your home without breaking the bank.