Steps for your Installation


Thank you for purchasing a Trimlight System! The following page will guide you through the installation steps. Please follow these steps and ensure you are aware of all aspects prior to the installation. Include watching all videos to better prepare yourself to all the amazing features to learn.

1. You will be receiving a text message or email

To notify of your pending installation. If the date does not work, please respond to the message with a new date or multiple options. We will try to accommodate you but during the busy season it becomes very difficult to work around every schedule and could delay your installation out to a much later date than what could be the soonest.

2. Dates can change

Unless you request FIRM on a scheduled date. Weather and project delays can sometimes move projects back in the calendar by a few hours to a few days. We can't always control these delays. We also schedule for worst case scenario so as crews finish early we try to move people up in the schedule. As we bring on new crews or split crews the schedule can move even faster. If you are open and able to move your install date on a fly as our schedule opens please respond to the message as OPEN.

3. Please have the Application downloaded

For your device or have your login password ready for an application download. On apple devices, that requires your Apple ID and password. On Android devices, that could require a google account. When searching for the app on an iPad. Please ensure the search is looking for "iPhone Only Apps". Download the APP called TRIMLIGHT.

4. Please review the file below

To show you the considerations and other things to note regarding our installation with the crews. These items are important for your reference regarding liabilities and things to look out for. The file is labeled "What to Expect" and can also be found here.

A video to better understand how our different Wifi systems can work

Video # 1 - Connecting to the Trimlight Controller

Video # 2 - Changing Colors and Patterns

Video # 3 - Setting up Timers and Calendar Events

Video # 4 - Connecting the Controller to a Local Network

Troubleshooting Guide

Click here for a troubleshooting guide on Wifi Connections, Timer Concerns, Repair Concerns

Click here for a troubleshooting guide on Wifi Connections, Timer Concerns, Repair Concerns


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