The following videos can help with training dealers on how to install Trimlight.


Getting Started With Your New Trimlight Edge App

Below are a list of videos to help you get connected with the new Trimlight Edge app!

Outside Corner

Inside Corner

Gable Corner

Gable Peak

End Cut

Vertical Curve

Horizontal Curve

Expansion Joint


Exterior Jump

Wire Cover - Outside Bend / Flat

Wire Cover - Inside Bend / Vertical

Wire Cover - Outside Bend / Reverse

Wire Cover - Inside Bend / Reverse

Control Box Video

Initial Run from Controller to Lights

Multiple Power Supplies in Same Enclosure

Amplification Point

Secondary Amplification Point

Secondary Power Supply

Replacing a Single Faulty Light

Standard Channel - For Aluminum and Vinyl Fascia

Friezeboard Installation - For Wood or Cement Board Installations / recessed soffits

Flush Board Installation - No Overhang installation

Exposed Rafter Board Installation - Spanning between rafter tails

Soffitless Parapet Installation - No Overhang but does have a flashing drip lip

Ridge Channel

Downlight Installation

Snap In Commercial Channel System - 30mm Light

Drip Commercial Channel System - 30mm Light

2 Controller Setup

Device Menu Troubleshooting

Trimlight Wifi Connection Troubleshooting

Local Wifi Connection Troubleshooting

Local Wifi Connecting

Delete A Pattern Video